Welcome to Eastern Innovative!

Eastern Innovative Technologies is founded with a vision to participate in the development of the innovative and growing new fields of Biotechnology, Environmental Technologies, Information Technology and the rapidly evolving field of Healthcare. Recognising the impact of these sectors on the future of mankind, we have embarked on a mission to bring to the people of India, the global developments in these fields towards a safer and healthier lifestyle.

The Biotechnology division focuses on the area of Human Genetics, starting from predictive genetic diagnosis and moving forward towards the promising area of Gene Therapy. We believe that the future of Healthcare lies in the prevention of disease.

We launched our first line of Predictive Diagnostic Products in 2011 and as we go forward, promise to bring to the people a comprehensive range of tests that enable individuals to take control of their health. These tests will provide a diagnosis of disease either before its onset or early enough to halt or slow down its progression, through simple changes in lifestyle. The earlier you take action, even starting at the moment of the birth of your baby, the brighter and safer your future and the future of your lineage will be.

Having forged relationships with internationally renowned and accredited laboratories, we are in a position to assure quality in our testing methods and offer the comfort of reliability, backed by excellent customer service.

We invite you to browse through our product line to decide for yourself if any of them could facilitate you leading a healthier lifestyle, or perhaps, to simply understand your genetic history and legacy.


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